TCL 5.2kW T-Pro Inverter Split System TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT
TCL 5.2kW T-Pro Inverter Split System TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT
TCL 5.2kW T-Pro Inverter Split System TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT


TCL 5.2kW T-Pro Inverter Split System TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT

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TCL 5.2kW T-Pro Inverter Split System TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT 5.2KW(C) / 5.2KW(H)

With innovative Hi-Wall Split System design, the latest TCL split system is designed to be quiet, reach the desired temperature quickly and maintain a stable temperature.

Highlight features:

· 5.2KW Cooling Capacity
· Gentle Breeze Mode
· Built-in WIFI - Works With Google Assistant & Alexa
· Smart Airflow
· Air Purification
· I Feel Function
· Auto-Clean / Clean Reminder
· Turbo Function
· 24Hr Timer
· Easy Clean Design



Gentle Breeze Technology
With up to 1,422* micro-holes perfectly spaced across the S-Shaped airflow vanes, air is more gently and widely dispersed throughout the room. Avoid harsh, direct cold drafts - and unlock superior airflow comfort.

Clever Inverter
Unique TCL inverter technology ensures perfect performance with energy efficiency. Enjoy a split system that is faster and more proactive in helping you reach your comfort zone.

Breathe Fresh Filtered Air
Keep your air clean and dust-free with the top mounted integrated filter. Efficiently removes dirt, pollen, and bacteria from the airflow so you can breathe fresh.

"I Feel" Mode
With a built-in thermometer, the remote control senses the temperature around it and communicates with the unit to intelligently maintain your perfect temperature and keep you comfortable.

Built-in WIFI Smart Connectivity
Adjust the settings of your air conditioner using the handheld remote, or wirelessly via the TCL Home App, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant. Now you can take control of your comfort 24/7, even remotely.

Rapid Action Temperature Control
Get comfortable quickly with powerfully fast heating or cooling in Turbo Start mode. No more waiting before getting to relax in your ideal temperature.

Cleans Itself and Cleans the Air
The 4-Step Auto Clean Mode uses water molecules in the air to help carry away accumulated dirt, bacteria, and impurities. Plus, you get friendly reminders when it is time to clean your filter. Safeguard air quality without the added maintenance.


Indoor/Outdoor Unit TAC-18CHSD/TPH11IT
Operation Type Reverse Cycle
Capacity 5.2KW Cooling Capacity / 5.2KW Heating Capacity
Works with Google Assistant / Amazon Alexa / TCL Home App Yes
Gentle Breeze Mode Yes
24Hr Timer Yes
Smart Airflow Yes
Eco Mode Yes
Air Purification Yes
5-fan speed Yes
Inverter Technology Yes
LED Display – On/Off Yes
I Feel Function Yes
Easy Clean Design Yes
Turbo Function Yes
Auto-Clean / Clean Reminder Yes
Sleep Mode Yes
WiFi Connectivity Yes
Indoor Unit – dB (A) 49
Outdoor Unit – dB (A) 62
Cooling Capacity (KW) 5.2 (1.2~6.0)
Heating Capacity (KW) 5.2 (1.2~6.0)
Rated Input-Cooling (KW) 1.4
Rated Input-Heating (KW) 1.2
Moisture Removal (Litre/Hour) 2
AEER 3.67
ACOP 4.27
Energy Star Rating for Cooling (Hot & Humid) 4
Energy Star Rating for Cooling (Mixed) 3.5
Energy Star Rating for Cooling (Cold) 3.5
Energy Star Rating for Heating (Hot & Humid) 3
Energy Star Rating for Heating (Mixed) 2.5
Energy Star Rating for Heating (Cold) 2
Power Supply 6.4
Rated Current Cooling (A) 5.4
Rated Current Heating (A) 12/11.5
Max Current (Cooling / Heating) (A) 2750/2650
Max Input (Cooling / Heating) (W) 5
Standby Power (W) -15°C~52°C
Outdoor Operating Temperature Range (°C) 16°C~31°C
Indoor Operating Temperature Range (°C) 20
Breaker Size (A)
Air Circulation (L/S) Cooling 347.22
Air Circulation (L/S) Heating 347.22
Compressor Type Inverter
Refrigerant (type/gram) R32 / 960g
Liquid Pipe (mm) Ø 6.35 (1/4″)
Gas Pipe (mm) Ø 12.7 (1/2″)
Maximum Piping Length (m) 25
Max Height Difference (m) 10
Product Dimensions-Indoor (W x D x H) 1097 x 332 x 222mm
Product Dimensions-Outdoor (W x D x H) 853 x 349 x 602mm
Net Weight-Indoor (kg) 13.5
Net Weight-Outdoor (kg) 34
Carton Dimensions-Indoor (W x D x H) 1165 x 405 x 295mm
Carton Dimensions-Outdoor (W x D x H) 890 x 385 x 628mm
Gross Weight with Packaging-Indoor (kg) 16.5
Gross Weight with Packaging-Outdoor without pipe (kg) 38

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