Panasonic 8kW Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80WKRW
Panasonic 8kW Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80WKRW
Panasonic 8kW Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80WKRW
Panasonic 8kW Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80WKRW


Panasonic 8kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80XKR

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8kW Panasonic Split System Air Conditioner CS/CU-RZ80XKR

Replaced CS/CU-RZ80WKRW

Panasonic Split Inverter Air Conditioner features built-in Anti-Bacterial Filter, Very Quiet Operation, Designed for the Australian Climate, Dehumidifier, and Easy to Set Up.

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Anti-Bacterial Filter: The Anti-Bacterial Filter combines three effects in one: anti-allergen, anti-virus and anti-bacterial protection to provide clean air.

Powerful Mode: Pressing the Powerful button cools or heats the room quickly. It provides fast comfort, with full power and a strong airflow. This is perfect for use immediately after coming home, or when unexpected guests arrive.

Quiet Mode: The Quiet Mode reduces both indoor and outdoor unit operating sound. This function is especially convenient for operation near a sleeping baby and at night-time.

Economy Mode: The Economy mode reduces energy consumption by up to 20%* compared to the Normal mode by automatically adjusting the set temperature by up to 2oC. It’s ideal when you want to maintain room temperature for gentle cooling and heating.

Blue Fin Condenser: Condensers can take a beating from exposure to salty air, rain and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has expanded the life of our condensers with an original anti-rust coating.


MODEL (240V / 1 Phase / 50Hz) CS-RZ80XKR



Cooling / Heating (min-max) kW 8.00 [2.30-9.00]
9.00 [2.20-11.60]
Capacity (min-max) Btu/h 27,300 [7,840-30,700]
30,700 [7,500-39,600]
Air Flow Indoor L/s  



Dehumid   L/h  



  Running Current A 11.30/11.40
Electrical Data Max Current A 15.8
  Power Input (min-max) kW 2.44 (0.46-3.10)
2.46 (0.44-3.60)
AEER / EER W/W 3.26/3.28
ACOP / COP W/W 3.64/3.66
  Hot Climate Cooling 3.5
Heating 3.5
Star Rating Average Climate Cooling 3.5
Heating 2.5
  Cold Climate Cooling 3.5
Heating 2.0



Residential/ Commercial

Hot Climate TCSPF HSPF 5.30/5.95



Average Climate TCSPF HSPF 5.03/6.75



Cold Climate TCSPF HSPF 5.34/7.78



Noise Level   Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) 51/38/35
Sound Pressure 50/38/35
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo)  
Level*2 dB(A) 55/50



  Indoor (H / L / Q-Lo) 67/54/51
Sound Power 66/54/51
Level dB(A)  
Outdoor (H / Q-Lo) 69/64
Net Weight Indoor (Outdoor) kg  



Dimensions Indoor (H x W x D) mm 295 x 1,040 x 244
  Outdoor (H x W x D) mm 795 x 875 x320
Refrigerator Pipe  Liquid Side                   mm/(inch) ø 6.35 (1/4)
Diameter                 Gas Side                     mm/(inch) ø 15.88 (5/8)
Pipe Extension Length                             Min ~ Max (m)  



Maximum Elevation Length                                       m  



Pipe Length For Additional Gas                                 m 10.0
Additional Gas Amount                                           g/m 25
Operating Range (Outdoor)          Cooling Degree °C



-10 ~ +46


-15 ~ +24

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