Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte 10kW Split System SRK100AVNAWZR | 1 phase
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte 9.5kW Inverter Split System SRK95ZRA-W

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte 10kW Split System SRK100AVNAWZR | 1 phase

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Bronte 10kW Split System | Single phase  SRK100ZR-W / FDCA100VNA-W

10.0 kW Cooling | 11.2 kW Heating

Recommended by CHOICE®*, the BRONTE® series is the ideal solution for heating and cooling of larger spaces within your home.

Incorporating the same advanced fan blade technology used in the development of jet engines, the BRONTE® series features a market leading long reach airflow allowing it to efficiency deliver a powerful yet quiet and evenly distributed airflow.

Packed with a range of convenient features including the Allergen Clear System, 3D Auto Mode and a range of timer functions, the BRONTE® series is the ideal addition to any modern home.

  • Advanced jet air technology delivering long reach airflow
  • Allergen clear system to capture and eliminate allergens
  • Wide range of convenient timer functions
  • Energy efficient R32 refrigerant
  • Optional Wi-Fi control
9.5kW Bronte Mitsubishi heavy industries


Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Bronte Series Function SRK63ZRAW SRK71ZRAW SRK80ZRAW SRK95ZRAW


Indoor SRK100ZR-W
Outdoor FDCA100VNA-W
Power Source (Outdoor Unit) 1 Phase 240V 50Hz









*Operation Data



Nominal Capacity (Range)

Cooling T1  





10.0 (4.0~11.2)
Heating H1 11.2 (4.0 ~12.5)
Heating H2 7.7
Power Consumption Cooling T1 3.19
Heating H1 3.04
Maximum Power Consumption 6.4
Running Current Cooling T1  



Heating H1 13.6
Inrush Current, Maximum Current 5, 24
EER Cooling T1 3.13
COP Heating H1 3.68
Sound Power Level


(JIS C9612)




Sound Pressure Level (JIS C9612) Indoor 48-45-40-27
Outdoor 54




Energy Label (GEMS 2019)

Hot Cooling  





Heating  (2.5)
Average Cooling  (2.5)
Heating (1.5)
Cold Cooling (3)
Heating  (1)
External dimensions (HXWXD) Indoor mm 339x1197x262
Outdoor 845x970x370
Net weight Indoor kg 16.5
Outdoor 77
Airflow Cooling (Indoor) l/s 408-355-293-173
Heating (Indoor) 458-386-318-227





Installation Data

Refrigerant (Type, Amount, Pre-charge Length) Quantity kg (R32) 3.3
Pre-Charged to Pipe m 30
Refrigerant Piping Liquid line mm Ø9.52
Gas line Ø15.88
Connection Method Flare connection
Maximum Pipe Length (One Way)  



Max Vertical Height Diff. Between


O.U. and I.U.

50 ( O.U above I.U ) / 15 ( O.U below I.U )
Standard accessories Allergen Clear & Photocatalytic Washable Deodorising Filter
Optional parts Interface kit (SC-BIKN2-E) / Wi-Fi Kit
Demand Response (AS4755) Yes

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