Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6kW Mid Static Inverter Ducted System FDUM60ZSXAWVH

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries 6kW Mid Static Inverter Ducted System FDUM60ZSXAWVH

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FDUM60VH / SRC60ZMXA-S 6kW Mid Static Ducted System | Single Phase

Indoor: FDUM60VH

Outdoor: SRC60ZMXA-S

Backlit Controller: RC-EXZ3A


Capacity 5.6 KW
Indoor FDUM60VH
Outdoor SRC60ZMXA-S
Power Source (Outdoor Unit) 1 Phase 240V 50Hz
*Operation Data Nominal Capacity Range Cooling T1 (kW) 5.6 (2.8-6.3)
Heating H1 (kW) 6.7 (0.6-7.1)
Heating H2 (kW) 4.9
Power Consumption Cooling T1 (kW) 1.75
Heating H1 (kW) 2.00
Max Power Consumption (kW) 2.90
Running Current Cooling T1 (A) 7.80
Heating H1 (A) 9.00
Inrush Current, Maximum Current (A) 5, 15
EER Cooling T1 3.20
COP Heating H1 3.35
Sound Power Level (JS C9612) Outdoor dB(A) 64
Sound Pressure Level (JS C9612) Indoor dB(A) P-Hi:36 Hi:31 Me:28 Lo:25
Outdoor dB(A) 54
External Dimensions (HXWXD) Indoor (mm) 280x950x635
Outdoor(mm) 640×800(+71)x290
Net Weight Indoor (Kg) 34
Outdoor (Kg) 45
Supply Air Connection (mm) 170×880
Return Air Connection (mm) 200×860
External Static Pressure (Max) (Pa) 100
Airflow Indoor (Cooling) (L/s) P-Hi:333 Hi:250 Me:217 Lo:167
Indoor (Heating) (L/s) P-Hi:333 Hi:250 Me:217 Lo:167
Refrigerant (Type, Amount, Pre-charge Length) Quantity (Kg) (R410A) 1.5
Pre Charged To Pipe Length (m) 15
Installation Data Refrigerant Piping Liquid Line (mm) Ø6.35
Gas Line (mm) Ø12.7
Connection Method Flare Connection
Maximum Pipe Length (One Way) (mm) 30
Max vertical height diff. between O.U. and I.U. 20 ( O.U. above I.U. ) / 20 ( O.U. below I.U. )
Controller RC-E5, RC-EXZ3A, RCH-E3 or RCN-KIT4-E2
Motion Sensor (Optional) LB-KIT
Demand response (AS4755) Yes


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