Daikin 2.2kW ALIRA X Inverter Split System FTXM20YVMA - Built-in WiFi
Daikin 2.2kW ALIRA X Inverter Split System FTXM20YVMA - Built-in WiFi
Daikin 2kW Inverter Split System Air Conditioner ALIRA FTXM20UVMA
Daikin 2.2kW ALIRA X Inverter Split System FTXM20YVMA - Built-in WiFi
Daikin 2.2kW ALIRA X Inverter Split System FTXM20YVMA - Built-in WiFi


Daikin 2.2kW ALIRA X Inverter Split System FTXM20YVMA - Built-in WiFi

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FTXM20YVMA ALIRA X 2.2kW Daikin Split System Air Conditioner (C) 2.2kW (H) 2.7kW

Alira X is a step ahead of the rest, delivering a perfect fusion of whisper quiet comfort, industry leading energy efficiency and indoor air quality technology.

ALIRA X Technology

  • Built-in WiFi Adaptor
  • Improved compact 14 pole DC outer diameter rotor motor encased in rubber vibration dampeners delivers higher torque more efficiently than before while ensuring whisper quiet operations.
  • Large dual louvres with aerodynamic end vanes help reduce turbulence for draught free comfort with longer throw distances of up to 10m (50-71 Class).
  • Monitors humidity to accurately control supply air temperature for comfortable and effective dehumidification of your room during Program Dry Function operation.
  • Streamer Technology. Discharges high speed electrons generating powerful oxidative decomposition that continuously removes odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants such as formaldehyde


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Perfect Fusion

New R32 Alira X is a perfect blend of progressive design aesthetic, superior energy performance & indoor air quality technology.

Advanced purification

Each model is fitted with three layers of filtration, prefilter for large particulates, enzyme blue deodorising filter for odours and Daikin’s Streamer Technology for powerful oxidative decomposition of pollutants.

Built In Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi module for connection to Daikin’s Mobile Controller smartphone interface is now conveniently included inside the casing of the indoor unit.

Mould-Proof Operation

Activates after cooling or dry operation to prevent the build up of mould and odour.*

Intelligent Comfort

The 2-Area Intelligent Eye** is so clever it can now either direct airflow towards you or away from you for draught free comfort. If the room is unoccupied the unit will automatically enable energy saving operations.

Coanda Airflow

Discharge louvres designed to stream air along the ceiling for longer throws and delivering rapid cooling and even temperature distribution.

Streamer Technology – The Three C’s

  1. Clash – Decomposes harmful substances trapped by the High Efficiency Particulate Filter.
  2. Cycle – Maintains the deodorising filter’s deodorising capacity by assisting odour decomposition.
  3. Clean – Removes bacteria from all filters allowing them to be maintenance free and increasing filter longevity.

The secret to high performance air purification is Daikin’s Streamer Technology. This innovative technology features a high-power plasma discharge that generates high-speed electrons to decompose harmful substances. This powerful oxidative decomposition process continuously removes odours, bacteria and indoor air pollutants, such as formaldehyde, for superior air purification.

* Mould-proof operation function can be toggled (On/Off) via the wireless controller
**2-Area Intelligent Eye only applicable to 20-46 Class Models.


Rated Capacity Cool (kW) 2.2
Heat (kW) 2.7
Capacity Range Cool (kW) 1.1-2.8
Heat (kW) 1.1-4.4
Indoor Airflow Rate (Hi) Cool (L/s) 228
Heat (L/s) 223
Indoor Fan Speeds   5 steps, quiet and automatic
Energy Label / Star Ratings  (Hot / Avg / Cold) Cool 6 / 5.5 / 5.5  Stars
Heat 3.5 / 3.5 / 2 Stars
Front Panel Colour   White
Power Supply   1 Phase, 220-240 V, 50 Hz
Power Input (Rated) Cool (kW) 0.42
Heat (kW) 0.50
E.E.R./C.O.P. Cool/Heat 5.30 / 5.40
TCSPF  (Residential) Hot / Avg / Cold 7.87 / 7.15 / 7.39
HSPF  (Residential) Hot / Avg / Cold 5.34 / 5.13 / 4.76
A.E.E.R / A.C.O.P Cool / Heat 5.25 / 5.36
Dimensions (HxWxD) Indoor (mm) 299 x 838 x 275
Outdoor (mm) 550 x 675 x 284
Weight Indoor (kg) 13
Outdoor (kg) 28
Refrigerant Type   R32
Max Pipe Length m 20
Max Level Difference m 15
Pipe Sizes Liquid (mm 6.4
Gas (mm) 9.5
Outdoor Operating Range Cool (°CDB) -10 to 46
Heat (°CWB) -15 to 18
Indoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 39/19
Heat (dBA) 39/20
Outdoor Sound Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 46/43
Heat (dBA) 47/44
Outdoor EPA Sound Power Level (H/SL) Cool (dBA) 58
Heat (dBA) 59

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